With less than one year to go until EME 2018 I want to invite you to submit papers and presentations for the conference.This time we will have three ways of sharing your information with the participants.

1. The classical presentation of about 30 minutes in the main conference room. Slides, small movies and sound examples can be presented during such a presentation.
2. Poster presentations. This is a way of presenting your story/information on a big piece of paper (the poster)Those posters will be on the wall of the conference room during the whole conference so everybody can have a look and read your information anytime they like.
3. Table top presentations.You are behind a table, presenting your information, showing your stuff on the table before a relatively small but highly interactive audience. You choose when, for how long or how many times you want to do such a presentation. It’s all up to you.

We would like to try these three ways of communication because not all subjects are suited for a full size classical presentation. Yet they might be very interesting for a poster or a table top presentation. And not everybody is happy to tell his story for a big audience. Using these three ways of communication gives you the opportunity to choose the way that suits you and your subject the best.

For now it’s good enough to send me an abstract.

The deadline for abstracts is April 2018.
The deadline for the full presentations is June 2018.

Please send your contributions to jvm(at)   or   janvmu(at)
See you in the Netherlands at EME 2018!
PA3FXB (team PI9CAM)

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